Reviewers savour Colm O’Brien’s new work

13 October
Reviewers savour Colm O’Brien’s new work
Colm O’Brien’s Autumn exhibition at Whitespace Gallery in Edinburgh’s New Town has received the seal of approval in two reviews today.

Art and travel reviewer Vivien Devlin and former Scotsman columnist and reviewer Beryl Beattie independently visited the exhibition on Howe Street before putting their respective pens to paper.

In her review for The Smart Leisure Guide, Devlin writes: “These are bold, bright, impressionistic paintings which do not try to be naturalistic representations of a place, but colourfully enhanced visions through the imagination of the artist’s mind.” She also timely reminds readers that with Christmas coming up O’Brien’s prints would make ideal presents.

In Beattie’s Facebook (FB) account of her visit, she describes Colm O’Brien as “an artist who has the gift of bringing scenes to life with vibrant colour”, adding that “Clearly he adores the bustling Edinburgh scene and then chooses tranquil seaside villages when the mood takes him”.

Beattie concludes with her recommendation that you take yourself to see this exhibition. She says “Prices? Affordable. Prints? Irresistible. Bought one. Had seen it on FB but the reality is even better for the High Street scene evokes many happy memories when one worked at The Scotsman. So Colm Obrien, take a well earned bow! It was a privilege to admire your paintings and to see such talent right here in Edinburgh.”

If you haven’t seen the exhibition yet, there’s still time before it closes on Thursday 16 October at 4pm. Whitespace Gallery, 25 Howe Street (by the traffic lights leading to Stockbridge).

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